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Material Handling Advertising

Every month we feature articles and stories that we gather up during the course of our journalism and run the interesting ones on both social media and here, on our website. We will also accept a certain amount of advertising, although space is limited. To get involved please email us using the tab above.

Featured Posts

We have special journalists - engineers, who can come to your site and write specific articles about your plant, innovations and business progress. These are exclusive features and we only do one a month. To book such an event please get in touch via email provided above.

Features List 2019

January - Handling Equipment – manual. Latest innovations in handling equipment. (pallet trucks, trolleys) (deadline Monday December 31)

February - Creative Workplace. How to create an efficient workplace by best use of space. (mezzanine floors, partitioning, vehicle storage systems, workstations and workshop systems, packing lines, marshalling) (deadline Monday January 28)

March – Careers. Where the gaps are in the market and how the industry can entice new employees. (warehouse, production, driving, management, technical sales) (deadline Monday February 25)

April - Access Systems – the latest product news on steps, ladders, staircases and lifts. (deadline Monday March 25)

May - Warehouse Safety – how to keep the workplace and your employees safe. (checking devices, procedures, alarm systems, lighting, markings, traffic systems) (deadline Monday 29 April)

June - Storage Systems (Buildings, Racking & Shelving, Vehicles fit-outs, Workshop space, Work-in-progress) (deadline Monday 27 May)

July - Powered Mechanical Handling Equipment - floor based (Forklifts, Towing systems, Skates, Lifting Tables) (deadline Monday 24 June)

August - Handling Equipment - processing (Conveyors, Vehicle unloaders, Mezzanine floor lifts) (deadline Monday 29 July)

September - Handling Equipment - overhead (Cranes, Jibs, Conveyors) (deadline Monday 26 August)

October - Work Place Processing (Mezzanine Floors, Binning Systems, Work Organising Systems) (deadline Monday 30 September)

November - Operational Logistics (Container handling & loading equipment, Vehicle mounted handling systems) (deadline Monday28 October)

December - Handling Equipment - tools and accessories. In-depth look at the most efficient systems on the market (Caterpillar skates, jacks, sack barrows, vehicle lift systems) (deadline Monday November 25)

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