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Insane Logistics Behind the Run-up to Christmas

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Autumn tends to be the busiest time for many. The run-up to Christmas is when everyone wants to finish outstanding jobs and finalise new projects. Warehousing and logistics play the biggest role in making, packing and delivering Christmas shopping to your door. Prelude to the Storm With 12 weeks to go until the Great British heads of family wake up to …

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4 Industry Jobs That Will Disappear by 2040

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We live in an exciting time, where technology and automation are advancing every day. As a result, plenty of jobs are being replaced by machines or new software. Here are four industry jobs that we believe will be extinct by the year 2040. 1. Truck Drivers The driverless revolution is upon us, and that means many transportation jobs will disappear. …

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Cut Costs With Energy Saving Warehouse Doors

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Keeping operational costs of a warehouse down is the prime concern of almost any business in the industry. A huge part of it is due to energy rates, especially in refrigerated warehouses and areas with specific temperature levels. The best solution to facilitate energy saving in a warehouse is to install proper doors to suit the purpose. These top three options …

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3 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Pallets

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Pallets are a common site throughout the industry. They are used as a platform for transporting, well anything; from food to metal and chemicals. You are probably used to seeing the standard wooden pallet. However, these pallets are not a one size fits all solution. Depending on the application, storage, and weight capacity required, you may need a variety of …

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Why Team Combi is a Material Handling Legend

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We visited Combi’s new factory in Monaghan, Ireland last week and were hugely impressed by the state of art manufacturing facilities (see photo above). Here is our take on the Combilift phenomenon. Why they are so successful Two people had a great idea based on detailed industry knowledge. The idea was to become experts in omni-directional handling equipment, to stay debt …

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Richard Bruton Visiting CombiLift’s Official Factory Opening

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Richard Bruton is seen here at the Press day at CombiLift in Ireland welcoming the opening of their new state of the art materials handling manufacturing base head quarters in Monaghan. He is the Minister of Education and Skills, having previously served as Minister for Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation from 2011 to 2016, when CombiLift were planning the new factory. Richard Burton launched …

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One Thing You Can Change to Improve Your Warehouse

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…And surprisingly it is climate. Stock can get affected if the humidity level isn’t right, employees get tired and lose productivity if the temperature is too hot. And so climate control comes into play. Storage of different products requires different temperature, humidity and light levels. People, too, need a comfortable space to work in. Here are the things you need to …