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Whilst Fighting with Pollution We are Wasting Natural Resource

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Last month we talked about the possibilities of switching heavy industry to greener production methods to reduce the levels of pollution. These are plentiful if the taxes being levied on them would just be reinvested in the technology instead of syphoned off into other irrelevant sustenance. For example, disposing of steel products from motorcars to pallet trucks carry double their weight …

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Artificial Intelligence Explained

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Who knew diesel engined vehicles or even just diesel engines along with some other great mechanical engineering companies would have so much geography in common. Who knew that physics and engineering can make the invisible suddenly visible. What does the word KUKA mean and how does this all fit together and why should anyone even care? The answer is artificial …

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3 Ways Shipping Containers are Used Differently This Christmas

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Most of the things you own have at some point been in a container, in transit from one land to another. However, recent trends have shown that shipping containers are becoming increasingly popular in fields you may not expect at all. We have all seen the shipping container houses, pop up shops etc, but find out below how shipping containers are …