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3 Cost-Effective Ways to Maximise Warehouse Space

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Optimising existing floor space and storage capacity of a warehouse has a tremendous effect on its profitability. The following options are the most cost-effective ways to maximise warehouse space. 1. Increase the Space of Your Warehouse with a Mezzanine Floor Start by considering how much headroom you’ve got available. Five metres should be enough to install a mezzanine floor. Depending …

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Why successful businesses fit safety barriers

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You might not necessarily associate safety barriers with being organised, productive and confident but we promise you they can up your work game in no time, and here is how: What safety barriers do to protect your investments Companies that fit good quality safety barriers have noticeably less incidents than those who don’t. Machinery and warehouse infrastructure lasts considerably longer …

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Should you repair or replace pallet racking?

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Pallet racking accounts for a large percentage of accidents in warehouses across the UK. Every year more than 100,000 injures are reported in the industry. Most of these are caused by forklift collisions and falling objects from pallet racking. Looking at these figures a small upright dent doesn’t seem that minor anymore, does it? Such small damage would rarely cause collapse …

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3 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Pallets

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Pallets are a common site throughout the industry. They are used as a platform for transporting, well anything; from food to metal and chemicals. You are probably used to seeing the standard wooden pallet. However, these pallets are not a one size fits all solution. Depending on the application, storage, and weight capacity required, you may need a variety of …

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Why Team Combi is a Material Handling Legend

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We visited Combi’s new factory in Monaghan, Ireland last week and were hugely impressed by the state of art manufacturing facilities (see photo above). Here is our take on the Combilift phenomenon. Why they are so successful Two people had a great idea based on detailed industry knowledge. The idea was to become experts in omni-directional handling equipment, to stay debt …

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Richard Bruton Visiting CombiLift’s Official Factory Opening

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Richard Bruton is seen here at the Press day at CombiLift in Ireland welcoming the opening of their new state of the art materials handling manufacturing base head quarters in Monaghan. He is the Minister of Education and Skills, having previously served as Minister for Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation from 2011 to 2016, when CombiLift were planning the new factory. Richard Burton launched …

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These Workbenches Make World’s Most Comfortable Workspace

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Between stress and injury the UK writes off over 16 million working days per year. Add to this the loss of productivity through poorly set out workspace and doing your job becomes extra tricky and stressful. Well, not anymore! Just as with popular ‘One size fits all’ hot desks the new ‘one fit sizes all’ height adjustable workbenches provide 3 critical …

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One Thing You Can Change to Improve Your Warehouse

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…And surprisingly it is climate. Stock can get affected if the humidity level isn’t right, employees get tired and lose productivity if the temperature is too hot. And so climate control comes into play. Storage of different products requires different temperature, humidity and light levels. People, too, need a comfortable space to work in. Here are the things you need to …